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How much personal attention do I get with Sarah Rus in the free and VIP membership?

All communication is via the Facebook groups. No personal SMS or email support.

Free memberships: You can access Sarah via posts and comments in the free Facebook group. Zero one-to-one time.

VIP Memberships: Sarah will be facilitating group coaching calls twice per month in Zoom. In addition, she’ll be answering your questions once a fortnight in the VIP Facebook group. Write your questions on Monday’s Ask Me Anything post and join the call on Thursday. You’ll also receive written support from our team of coaches inside the VIP group where possible. Zero one-to-one time.

What if I can’t afford the VIP price or the cost of your courses?
Then don’t buy them and don’t join VIP. I’m not going to persuade you to use your credit card if money is tight. Take advantage of the complimentary training inside the free membership, and join VIP only when you’re ready to do so.
What happens after I join?

You get immediate access to the member’s dashboard, from which you can access courses, resources and the Facebook group. Check your emails over the next 3-5 days for a summary of your membership inclusions.

How do I join?

This video (watch here) demonstrates how to become a Mojo Mingle member, how to create your own password, and how to log into the Dashboard (Membership Zone).