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Hi. I’m Sarah Rus, and I help people connect and share fun experiences. I help singles (especially those who are shy) build their confidence to succeed in dating and be stars in their own epic love story.

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Feeling stuck, frustrated or fed up? It’s likely some coaching would help move you from where you are now, to where you want to be. After observing people at my events, I realised I could increase their chances of success. I do this through coaching: teaching people social skills and boosting their confidence. Mojo Mingle provides courses that help people fast-track the process of: 
  • Making new friends
  • Meeting singles
  • Dating with success
  • Attracting an ideal partner
  • Finding love
  • Living a happy, healthy life
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Singles events are the answer for proactive singles who are sick of dating apps. Enjoy connecting with real singles, face-to-face. No swiping or typing required! Mojo Mingle designs fun singles gatherings where you can connect with like-minded people. I, Sarah, ran my first official singles event in 2015. Since then I’ve refined the way Mojo Mingle does things to ensure everyone succeeds and has a great time. Tap the button below to learn more about our singles events….

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Offline Valentine

find love in one hour

Offline Valentine is a social experiment based on a famous set of 36 questions. Download this free PDF. Learn how you can generate love and connection with these powerful questions. Use with friends, family, a partner or someone you’re dating.

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Host Successful Singles Events

Want to join the Mojo Mingle team or host your own singles events? Access my free training, which includes:

  • How to plan and organise your own successful singles event
    • What works and what doesn’t work
  • How to sell tickets to events
    • Where to advertise your event to attract your ideal client
  • How to earn over AU$5000 per singles event
    • How to create value and deliver on your event promise
  • Important tasks of event host / facilitator
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