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Mojo Mingle

Singles events...

Mojo Mingle events helps all our guests to succeed. When you’re ready to join us, visit our calendar, scroll down through the event listings, and book a ticket.
Sitting on the fence? No worries – we’ve got your covered.
Take our free training course called “Succeed At Social Events“, located in our Shop. This course prepares you by boosting your confidence. Complete the course before you take the plunge and book a ticket.


Avoiding anti-social behaviours

Be inclusive and friendly

Introduce yourself to at least three other people at events and put in effort to get to know people (AKA networking).

Have your mobile phone on silent and out of sight.

Our in-person social events are mobile free zones.
Need to take an important call or text? Excuse yourself from the group.
This show of courtesy will be well received by other attendees as respectful and polite.

Of course, we understand that our virtual events may require mobile use to join us! 

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Keep in touch with the people you meet at events.

Give your contact details. Do not ask someone for their number.

Missed the opportunity to share your details? No problem. Submit an event feedback form within 48 hours after the event and request Mojo Mingle to forward your details via email /  SMS (fees range from $10-$15).

Our events are smoke free zones.

Mojo Mingle suggests abstaining from smoking during social events to maximise your time spent being social. If necessary, smoke well away from the group to ensure Mojo Mingle guests aren’t subjected to second-hand smoke. On the same note, Mojo Mingle events are drug-free zones. 

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Be courteous.


Notify Mojo Mingle by email or SMS if your plans change last minute. This is a show of courtesy to the event host and other event attendees.

Avoid being a “no show” and arrive on time, thus ensuring the smooth process of welcoming and introducing guests.

Pay-as-you-go when ordering food and drinks at events (unless  included). Bring cash. 

3-strikes & Game Over ?

Failure to abide by a house rule earns one strike ❌

Three strikes ❌❌❌ and you’ll be black-listed from attending our events; no refunds. See T&Cs for more info. Usage and access to Mojo Mingle services will be revoked.

NOTE: An apology is always welcome when a strike is earned #integrity