Succeed At Social Events


Prepare yourself for success when socialising, especially at Mojo Mingle events.

In this course you will learn how to:

😎 Feel more confident attending social events
😎 Break the ice and develop rapport
😎 Start interesting conversations
😎 Arrive at events and feel prepared
😎 Share contact details with people
😎 Choose the best event type for your personality
😎 Follow social event etiquette – the dos and don’ts of being social

SNEAK PEAK: “How To Start Interesting Conversations”


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Intended outcomes of this course:

✅ Feel prepared to attend social events
✅ Know how to start conversations with other people at events
✅ Know how to make conversations interesting
✅ Know how to achieve multiple levels of success
✅ Know how to keep in contact with people you meet at events
✅ Know which events to choose according to your preferences