The Art of Human Connection – Boost Confidence In Dating

In this masterclass you’ll learn how:
ūüėä To arrive with¬†confidence¬†to dates, or meetings with someone new
ūüėä To¬†avoid¬†auto-pilot (boring)¬†questions¬†and instead ask¬†engaging¬†questions that inspire interesting and thoughtful conversation
ūüėä To make it¬†easier¬†for people to approach¬†you¬†to start conversations
ūüėä To use the T.A.A.M formula for¬†boosting confidence¬†and up-skill beyond the masterclass
ūüėä To¬†read people¬†and apply the¬†platinum rule
ūüėä To¬†overcome¬†your¬†hesitation¬†to video date, attend virtual events or attend in-person social events
and much more.

Preview: Introduction


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