Matchmaking Program (2-3 Matches)


What you get:

  • Introductions to 2-3 compatible matches (in ~6 months)
  • 30-60 minute consult with matchmaker
  • Support & regular communications
  • 6 Months VIP Membership with access to:
    • Monthly Coaching Calls (x2)
    • 27 Steps To Meet Your Dream Lover course
    • The Art of Human Connection course
      + much more

We work best with clients who are:

  • Monogamous
  • Singles living in a capital city (worldwide)
  • Aged 35-60
  • Looking for long-term love relationship
  • Open-minded
  • Coachable

Dating is Marketing.

In order to find and meet your ideal partner, you need to do market research, get clear on who you’re most compatible with and attracted to, and then ‘market’ yourself to them. Most people struggle with this process, feel frustrated, and waste a lot of time attempting to date without strategy, confidence or skills. Some people settle for someone because they give up – they find dating all too hard. Many “busy” people also don’t want to invest the time in this process. (If you’d rather do the work your self, we have a course called: 27 Steps To Meet Your Dream Lover)

Consummate Love
The Magic Of Matchmakers.

Matchmakers take time to get to know you via a 30-60minute video call. Matchmakers listen to your backstory, your relationship patterns. Matchmakers listen to your preferences for a partner and life goals. Matchmakers listen to the things you find attractive and your non-negotiables. Matchmakers spend time talking with you to get a sense for your personality, lifestyle and energy. Our job as a matchmaker is to understand you, to see your value and help you to recognise your value. You’re an amazing human and there’s many special people out there just waiting to fall in love with you! Our team are here to also offer support and dating strategies for succeeding on dates and in your budding relationships.

The Process

After registering for our service, our premium matchmaking clients complete a detailed questionnaire for additional data to help with finding ideal matches. Our matching is based on intuition, data and experience.

Matchmaking is Personalised Marketing

When you choose to work with our matchmakers, we become your personal marketing agency. Our mission is to find suitable candidates for you. Through advertising, networking, events and others promotions we find and interview singles to narrow down potential candidates: those who are highly compatible with you and available. This can be a timely process especially if you have unique requirements eg 52 year old male living in the country seeking younger female who’s open to starting a family. In this case, we may need to charge more as this type of match is much harder to find and requires more work.

Your Choice

Once we’ve done the ground work, and narrowed down the options, we present you with 2-3 candidates to choose from for your next date. We don’t show you a photo so that you attend the first date with an open-mind.

The First Date

We want your first encounter with your new match to be a success. Therefore we plan and make all the arrangements for your first date. You’ll also receive support and encouragement before the date so that you arrive feeling confident and excited to meet your match. Dating is supposed to be fun so mindset is the key here. You’ve got this!

After the Date

Let’s check in. Share with your matchmaker how the date went. What did you enjoy the most? What went well? What could you do differently next time? Reflection is a very important part of the dating process. It’s how we learn to be better at this stuff!

The Power Of Propinquity

Matchmakers encourage clients to catch up at least three times. The first date can merely be called a “zero date” – an opportunity to see if you two can get along. The mistake would be to expect chemistry on the first encounter.

The Mere-Exposure Effect (see below) illustrates that attraction grows with time spent together. Therefore the most powerful thing you can do to foster attraction is enjoy activities together.

Take the pressure off yourselves to find love instantly… and use time to build a connection.

Have fun learning about your match. Stop yourself from making snap judgements.

Think of your favourite song or album. Did you fall in love with it the very first time you listened to it? Probably not. Give love time to grow. If you don’t feel any connection by date number three, then it’s time to move on to the next match.

Mere Exposure EffectIt’s A Journey

Working with a matchmaker is a journey. Those with an open-mind and open-heart will receive the greatest rewards from this process. If this sounds like an adventure that you’re willing to try then we’re excited to help you find love.